Gettysburg PA Battlefield
First some brief history
In July of 1863, General Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia of 75,000 men and the 97,000 man Union Army of the Potomac, under George G. Meade, concentrated together at Gettysburg and fought the Battle of Gettysburg.

Of the more than 2,000 land engagements of the Civil War, Gettysburg ranks supreme. Although the Battle of Gettysburg did not end the war, it was the great battle of the war, marking the point when the ultimate victory of the North over the South became clear to both sides alike.

Here at Gettysburg, on July 1, 2, and 3, 1863, more men fought and died than in any other battle in American history. Between 46,000 and 51,000 soldiers from both armies were casualties in the three-day battle.

We believe many of these soldiers are still battling after all these years in the after life. This is considered a residual haunt. Countless evidence has been captured over the years from people all over the world supporting this claim. We have personally experienced some activity there as well. Our investigation was concentrated at Devils Den.

We captured some very interesting EVP's to say the very least.
Soldier saying " Shot "
Boy Soldier saying " Im bleeding "
Soldier saying " Choose "
Gettysburg PA Sachs Bridge
A Little history
Built for the County by workers under David Stoner in 1852, the Sachs Bridge is an Adams County landmark. It was crossed by both armies during the battle of Gettysburg in 1863, and carried parts of the Army of Northern Virginia as it retreated. Lots of paranormal activity has been reported here. Many believe this is due to it's proximity to the battlefield. There is also a story of two Confederate Soldiers who were hanged here for desertion during the retreat from Gettysburg.
Our picture to the left was taken and later analized and we discovered this  anomaly pictured on the right
The Kinley Theatre In Deer Lake PA
Brief History
Originally a Greek Byzantine church built in 1936. In 1939 John Kinley converted it into a summer theatre and served as a producer-director. His operation was known as The Kenley Players. His ever-morphing producing career started in the summer of 1940 in Deer Lake, PA.  Following service in World War II he returned to Deer Lake and then moved to Barnesville, PA, to continue his summer theatre operation until 1953. He presented plays in York, PA, Hershey, PA and other cities before settling in Ohio. Kinley whose name was synonymous with large-scale regional and summer stock theatre in his adopted home state of Ohio and elsewhere. Our research revealed 11 shows in 1940, 12 shows in 1947 and 14 shows in 1948. Building has been used for numerous businesses over the years. We were contacted to investigate paranormal activity in the building and discovered some great EVP's suggesting some of the performers have not left their beloved theater. We discovered most of the original stage was still in tact including some of the curtains. Recently the building has been torn down by Penndot for a highway widening project.
Foot steps and singing
Door closing.
Foot steps and door opening
Loud bang and voice
Singing or Music
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EVP's we captured